Friday, June 26, 2009

California here I come

I have finally made it to California. I lived here for over 20 years, then moved back to Iowa. My friends, Kathie and Debbie got me scrapping. We would meet at one of our homes once a month to scrap for at least 2 days. Now, who doesn't want to go to Solvang (near Santa Barbara), Irvine (near Long Beach). They weren't real crazy about coming to Bakersfield in the middle of the 105 degree summer.

We became the Scraping Grannies. We even had bets who was going to be the first ACTUAL grannie. I won. We now have many grandchildren.

We now try to get together at least 2 times per year, for a week or so at a time. So here we are, scrapping again.

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