Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring Song -- Color Challenge

Please VOTE : We need a vote. Do you like the one with flowers or without flowers. I need to know. Leave it on the comments or

e-mail me at

OK Kathie -- how is this one? I tried to make it as clean and simple as I could and still follow the rules of using all three colors --kiwi, riding hood red, and tangerine tango. For all of you, please vote, do you like this one best (robin) or the second one (hummingbird). Leave it in the comments page. I am TRYING to do less-- because sometimes less is more.


  1. Of course, I like this one the best. Less is always more for me. Perfect job! Thanks, Jo.

  2. I like the Robin with the flowers best. When you think of Robins, you think spring, flowers, new leaves on trees. So, that is the reason I like the one with the flowers and it has more pazazz!!